Siam Handels is a partner for other third companies operating in the fashion industry.

Siam offers its know-how both to well-known fashion companies and small firms to increase their return in terms of image.

Private Label

Designing and manufacturing of jackets for third companies.

Designing is entirely made in Italy and approved by the customer. Afert that, sampling and manufacturing are made by our partners in Far East and the final quality control is made in our Italian fashion department.

Siam has its own distribution center placed in the North-East of Italy (Brendola, Vicenza) that guarantees the deliveries to final customers in an very efficient and quick way.


One of our main services is a big stock with a variety of jackets available all the seasons for our customers when they need to reassort.

We have a small part of collection called “NOS” (Never Out of Stock) that is available all the year.


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